Over the years, metal buildings have become popular not only in the commercial and industrial sector; they are nowadays being used in the community for building houses as well. Steel buildings offer many benefits and advantages. And in this article, we’ll try to discover the amicable things that can be associated with having these metal structures instead of the traditional building construction processes.

1. Standard Frame Models

Gable Symmetrical
A steel building frame model that has up to 200 inches wide clear span

Gable Unsymmetrical
A steel building frame model that has up to 175 inches wide clear span

Single Slope
A steel building frame model that is up to 175 inches wide and are mostly used as retail/commercial store fronts as well office/warehouse

A steel building frame model that is up to 75 inches wide and are mostly used as low-cost add-on to building frame, office space or additional storage

Multiple Span
A steel building frame model that has unlimited width with interior columns and are mostly used as large manufacturing and warehouse commercial applications

2. Available Colors:

– Lightstone
– Pearl Gray
– Polar White
– Slate Gray
– Sand Gold
– Burnished Slate
– Sahara Tan
– Hawaiian Blue
– Rustic Red
– Fern Green

3. Advantages of Steel Buildings

Clearly, steelbuildings offer many advantages and benefits that it has fast become so popular in the construction industry. The many options it offers the customers are so enticing that most construction builders nowadays prefer them; steel building offers strength and affordability that you cannot get from traditional building construction methods. Steel buildings also offer any options and usage. You can use metal buildings as:

  • Airplane Hangars
  • Garden Sheds
  • Church Buildings
  • Gymnasiums
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Retail Steel Buildings
  • Steel Riding Arenas
  • Steel School Buildings
  • Self-Storage Buildings
  • Steel Strip-Malls
  • Steel Sport Arenas
  • Steel Warehouse Buildings

4. General Benefits:

Quick and Easy To Erect
There are some steel building dealers that offer steel buildings in the form of pre-engineered structures. These can be sent directly to the site where you intend to have the building erected for instant assembling

Steel buildings are available with adjustable panels thus you can changed the size of each unit as per individual requirements. These will also allow expansion easier than in traditional building construction methods

Steel buildings, since they are made of steel, can withstand unfavorable weather conditions like hurricanes, high winds, heavy snow and even earthquakes. They are also resistant to termites, creeping, cracks, splitting and rotting

Though sometimes, steel buildings don’t come exactly low in price, it is much cheaper than traditional methods since it has a reduced risk of fire and is easy to maintain

Using steel as building materials will undoubtedly save those trees in our forests. Aside from these, steel building frames can be recycled so there’s no need to cut more trees for expansion or remodeling

Metal Prefab Buildings Offer A Number Of Benefits Over Building With Wood

When considering a building project, one might hear the term ‘prefab’ or metal prefab buildings as a possible option. But what exactly does ‘prefab’ mean? ‘Prefab’ is simply a shorter way of saying prefabrication, which is the making of the parts that are ready to be used in another location for assembly. The use of prefab buildings and metal prefab buildings became quite widespread during the 20th century and proved to be able to provide factory made parts that save time and many believe improve quality.

The use of metal prefab buildings is a fairly new concept, but the utilization of prefab materials in building isn’t as new of an idea. In fact, the world’s earliest known organized roadway called the Sweet Track was prefabricated during the 3800’s BC in England.

When looking at metal prefab buildings, there are many that are available in steel and steel has many advantages when using it instead of wood for building. When you use steel in your metal prefab buildings, you can count on the fact that the metal won’t crack, warp or even splinter. Metal prefab buildings also won’t rot in any condition and is unsusceptible to the kind of pests that cause problems when using wood materials.

Metal prefab buildings are designed and manufactured under the strictest of standards. As a result, manufacturers and consumers benefit because of the reduced building material and trim waste in addition to loss due to inadequate pieces of wood. Because metal prefab buildings offer these benefits ahead of time, builders can enjoy less site cleanup, time spent in removing waste and any costs during this process.

While wood burns very easily, metal prefab buildings do not, so residents have less of a fire risk and can sometimes enjoy insurance discounts for this reason. Metal prefab buildings have also achieved the highest earthquake shock criteria for safety.

Another advantage of using metal prefab buildings is that they are much stronger than any other common building material. When it comes to the design of metal prefab buildings, the strength allows for more flexibility and they can allow for larger interior spaces. Contrary to myths and urban legends, metal prefab buildings never interfere with radio or television reception.

If you purchase a high quality metal prefab building, they will normally be designed for your specific area and your local building codes to provide you with the best possible structure for your application.