Steel buildings are enjoying a resurgence as a storage solution for everyone from sportsmen to farmers. Able to withstand the harshest weather conditions – heavy snow, thunderstorms, and even hurricanes – steel buildings have distinct advantages over other storage options. With simple bolt-together construction, a steel building can be easily expanded to any length and – because it can be constructed without a frame – can offer a clear span of one hundred percent usable space.

Contrary to popular belief, constructing a steel building doesn’t require specialized knowledge or dozens of workers. In fact, assembling a steel building requires no special tools or equipment, and can be completed by as few as four people in as little as three days.

Steel buildings can be the perfect solution for:

Sportsmen – Use a steel building as a garage or workshop. A steel building provides shelter for a boat, RV, or antique car. It can also be set up for a roomy workshop, with space to comfortably work on virtually any project. It can even be used as an airplane hangar!

Farmers – An arch-style steel building is the perfect agricultural solution. It can provide economical storage for farm equipment, machinery, and livestock. A steel building offers superior strength over I-beam buildings or pole barns, and can store hay in a vermin-proof facility.

Truckers – A steel building offers the perfect storage solution for big rigs, and has the added benefit of providing space for a workshop. Because a steel building protects against the elements, it is great for repairing and storing trucks.

Small Industrial Businesses – A steel building with a high sidewall clearance is ideal for equipment and materials storage, and makes for a great looking manufacturing facility. It is perfect for a workshop, and provides fire-resistant safety for heavy-duty tools.

A steel building can be used in a variety of other ways, as well. It can be used as an office built on to a manufacturing facility, or can be used behind a facade for a retail shop. A steel building can make a great animal shelter, and can even be customized for an affordable living space.

When buying a steel building, it’s important to consider the quality of materials and construction. Optimally, the steel building will be built with galvalume-coated steel, an alloy containing aluminum and zinc. This type of steel is seven times more rust resistant than typical galvanized steel. In addition, look for a steel building that comes with a multi-year guarantee, and one that is affordable and easy to assemble.